“Y’all’s app [Shopventory] actually made the transition to the Clover [Mobile] way easier...
I wasn’t too sure at first, but now I can’t imagine my store without it!”
— Dani in Austin, Texas

Clover mobile may be small, but Shopventory's powerful back-end turns it into an enterprise-level inventory optimization system.

Shopventory's app runs on the Clover mobile hardware and simplifies your Clover experience. Simply begin using Shopventory to manage inventory, and use the Clover register to check out your customers.

Shopventory adds the features you need to scale your business and maximize your profit!

It just takes two minutes to connect and get started. Shopventory can automatically pull in all your Clover data so you're not starting from scratch. You're picking up right where you left off!


Shopventory also integrates seamlessly with other Clover hardware including the
Clover StationClover FlexClover Mobile and Clover Mini.


Shopventory adds lot cost of goods sold to your Clover sales toolbox. With this information, you’ll finally have the insight you need to to optimize your stock and run a successful business.



  • Inventory Management
  • Multi-Location Ready
  • Inventory Alerting
  • Vendor Management
  • Lot Cost Tracking
  • Discount Reporting
  • Inventory Valuation Reporting
  • Purchase Orders
  • Item Bundling
  • Auto-Restocking on Refunds
  • Ingredient-Level Tracking
  • Complete Inventory History
  • Average Cost Calculations


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Seamless Inventory For Clover

Get started with a free inventory management trial. Sign up with Shopventory for one-click integration with your Clover account.



Shopventory Platform Features

Real-Time Inventory Management

  • Use per-item cost to see profitability
  • Real-time tracking and insights
  • Email alerts on refunds and zero-dollar transactions
  • Bundle items for ingredient-level inventory tracking

Instant Email Alerts

  • Know the moment when quantities fall below a threshold
  • Intelligent, multi-condition alerts based on location
  • Customize notifications based on category

Decision-Ready Reports

  • Understand inventory, profit margin, and sales data
  • Reporting on discounted transactions and slow-moving inventory
  • Quick access to total inventory value for simplified reporting